In these times of civil unrest and COVID, the criminals are more brazen than ever. From group looting grab and runs, to pushouts, to riotous looting and burning, it has all happened this year. Shoplifters look you right in the eye before they stuff that stolen item in their bag and walk out. They come in as a group, grab what they want and leave without paying. In some cases it costs the retailers thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. In other cases it could cost more if confronted….


So, How Do We Stop Them?

We know times are tough. We know ORC has become brazen, fearless, even contemptuous of being caught and prosecuted. So, they keep doing it.

How do we prevent them from stealing?

How do we do it without confrontation?

How do we do it with the thresholds for shoplifting being higher than ever? How do we prevent becoming a repeat target as they spread the word among themselves?

How do we overcome this Pandemic Of Theft?

DETER them, DISPLACE them, get them to MOVE ON to something or somewhere else. But How?

Make it harder for them to steal… Lock it down!

We may not be able to stop them every time, but we can make it difficult to grab and run with a quick escape. We can make it difficult to STEAL, yet still be available for the positive customer experience.

NEW!! GEN6 HD with attached Heavy Duty padlock with Heavy Duty cable. 2 step deactivation and release.

NEW!! Gen6 SP with Smart Padlock Tag. Smart enough to deactivate the alarm from the Smart Padlock Tag while leaving the Tag on the merchandise. Deactivates and releases in 1 step!

The NEW!!Gen6 SR with Smart Release is so versatile, it works on practically everything! Deactivates and releases in 1 step!

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein

The Gen6 alarming recoiling heavy duty tether has 49 stainless steel strands inside a heavy duty plastic coating. It recoils smoothly and quietly, allowing for a great customer experience where they can touch, and try on the merchandise. The alarm will sound at 98 dBl, notifying you when someone has tampered with it. It will also alarm if a rogue detacher is used instead of our exclusive new CIS handheld decoder designed to work with either the Gen5 or the Gen6.

Already invested in the Gen5 and like that 2-step release? No problem, the Gen6 can use the Gen5 alarming top and the handheld decoder you already have, but the heavy duty cable will keep that valuable merchandise right where you put it.

The Gen6 can mount to the fixtures with adhesive, screws or both. You can use our exclusive rod system to lock multiple Gen6 in a row on any of your fixtures that utilize slots for hangbars or shelving, under tables, or even through vertical uprights.

On another note…

We are still accepting applications for the LPQ and LPC Scholarships from the Loss Prevention Foundation until the end of the month.

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