THE GEN5 Alarming Tether


The Gen5 alarming recoiling tethers with replaceable components is the first of its kind. It can be used on handbags, briefcases, backpacks, cell phones, jewelry, watches, and more…





  • Alarms if Gen5 is pulled off fixture
  • Alarms if tether is cut
  • Alarms if unauthorized magnet is used
  • Alarms if attempts to twist off the end
  • Alarms if top is removed without IR alarm deactivation
  • Cannot be “jumped”
  • Reactivates alarm automatically when plugged back in.
  • Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed.
  • Visual deterrent.  2 LED lights blink every 60 seconds.



  • Replaceable Alarm Component
  • Replaceable tether component
  • Easily Replaceable Batteries (only 1 screw)
  • The Gen5 and the All-In-One Decoder can be customized to a unique code for your brand.
  • Perfect placement of All-In-One Decoder for easy release.
  •  98 dBl alarm
  • 3 – 5 year standby battery life


All in Onr decoder used with the 5MM Alarming Tether
5MM Alarming Tether - Retail Security alarming device


Improved functions, New Look… Strong, Smooth Recoiling, Replaceable Parts!


  • No need to replace entire unit every time because of dead batteries or cut cables.  The NEW Gen 5 alarming tether allows you to switch the entire alarm component or just the battery without removing the tether from the merchandise or the fixture.
  • Now with 120 lb. pull strength. Will not easily separate from the reel.
  • Smooth and quiet retraction.
  • Turn on by inserting a pin in the discreetly placed hole.
  • Turn unit off with handheld All-In-One Decoder or easy switch.
  • Larger battery, with 3-5 year standby time.
  • Includes Tether Stop to lock tether position, preventing smaller merchandise from being pulled off balance in displays.
  • The new design provides for perfect placement of the decoder’s IR and magnetic release to allow for quick and easy deactivation or battery replacement.


The Gen5 alarming tether allows you to replace the alarm component, retractable tether, or just the battery with ease. The housing design provides for perfect placement of the decoder’s IR and magnetic release, allowing quick and easy deactivation or battery replacement.
No need to remove the tether from the merchandise or the fixture, costing valuable labor. Allows you to reuse the functioning part of the unit saving you on replacement cost and waste in landfills.
Alarm is easily activated with no tool necessary, with a discreetly placed hole, and cannot be manipulated without the All-In-One Decoder. The CR2032 battery has 3-4 years standby time. Will enter standby mode while unlocked. T-Stop to allow slack for better merchandising of displays. Our exclusive 7-strand flexible stainless steel cable has 120 lb. pull strength.

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