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We are here over years and years in the loss prevention industry in THE LOSS PREVENTION INDUSTRY

Since 1989, Peter Morello, president of CIS (Computer Imaging Supplies) and CIS Security Solutions, has been providing loss prevention solutions for the retail industry.  He began inventing and patenting new products to help prevent return fraud, internal theft and external theft of cash and merchandise. 

Peter’s first patent, in 1989, was for the multi-colored ribbon, for ensuring the receipts were genuine.  In 1996, Scratch & Secure ink was created to prevent return fraud.  In 1998 he created the Annunciatior to protect cash drawers from unauthorized entry.  In 2003 he created the EAS core to protect theft of register rolls.  In 2014 the Mousetrap alarming recoiling tether was invented and has since evolved into the Gen5 alarming recoiling tether with added IR protection. In 2016 the Tape Tag came along, as well as the Convertible, a changeable alarming padlock tag, using either loop or pin.  In 2018, the new and improved Tick-R-Tape Tag was born, with unlimited lifespan and unlimited potential.

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Peter Morello and CIS Security Solutions have been providing Loss Prevention  products and Solutions to the Retail Industry for the past 30 years, and is considered the most knowledgeable of experts when it comes to Counterfeit Currency, Refund Fraud and Fraudulent Receipts . The CIS team has now focused their expertise on developing new UV and IR protected products, along with easy to use, easily updateable, and cost effective counterfeit currency detection machines.  He even designed a counterfeit detection machine that will verify both USD and CAD (paper and polymer bills) for the US border states and Canada.

CIS Security Solutions is now Located in Stuart, FL and Hobe Sound, FL, with our newest NE location in Coventry, Connecticut.  The plans include expanding to locations in the Midwest and West Coast.

CIS Security Solutions would like opportunity to service your needs.  CIS Security Solutions believes that our clients’ needs always come first.

At CIS Security Solutions we offer:  security solutions and security productscurrency detection equipmentcounterfeit protectioncounterfeit  currency detectors,  counterfeit bill detectors as well as counterfeit detection, scanner, pull boxes, alarming pull boxes, recoilers, retail anti-theft devices, receipt fraud, money scales for quick counting of cash drawers and more…

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