The NEW Tick-R-Tape Tag


The Tick-R-Tape Tag is truly a universal Package Tag whether it is big package, small package or even a soft package.

The Tick-R-Tape Tag is truly a universal Package Tag whether it is big package, small package or even a soft package.  Similar tags, like the Spider Wrap, have a limited lifespan, require additional equipment, or require several styles of the same tag to accomplish different solutions in the same store.  The patent pending Tick-R-Tape Tag is two products in one, that can be used in several configurations – whether in soft or hard packaging, that will protect your assets.  This versatile tag can be used alone, or with our customizable conductive non-residue adhesive tape, creating up to 5-way alarming from one tag.

The Tick-R-Tape Tag is a smart tag that is versatile, sustainable, and economical.  Replaceable Batteries give it unlimited life.  Disposable bases eliminate the labor required to scrape, clean and replace adhesives.

Without our exclusive 2-in-1 handheld decoder, rogue detachers will set off the alarm.  There is no need for different bases, because of the all-in-one Smart Tag.  When the tag arms, it lets you know that 1, 2, or all 3 connections have been made with audible and visual indicators.  The Tick-R-Tape Tag is small and sleek, but will alarm at 95+ decibels.


  • Alarms if the tag is removed without being disarmed
  • Alarms if unauthorised detachers are used
  • Alarms if the conductive Tape is cut or removed
  • Alarms if the tag passes though EAS pedestals
  • Self-Alarms if it passes through EAS pedestals and will continue to alarm.
  • Alarms if top is removed without decoder
  • Cannot be “jumped”
  • Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed
  • Visual deterrent.  2 LED lights blink every 8-10 seconds


  • Can be used alone or with strips of conductive tape
  • Smart Tag recognizes how many circuits to arm
  • Replaceable Alarm Component
  • Replaceable Conductive Tape
  • Easily Replaceable battery
  • Perfect placement of decoder for easy release
  • 98 dBl alarm
  • 3 to 5-year standby battery life
  • Disposable bases cut labor costs to change adhesives

Tick Tag (standalone)

Tape Tag (single wrapped)

Tape Tag (double wrapped)

Tick-R-Tape Tag With Label

Anti Theft Tick-R-Tape Tag

Tape Tag (double wrapped)

Tick-R-Tape Tag LPRC Results

This is truly the next step in the evolution of the Smart Tag. Contact us for more information. 772-287-7999

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