THE New Alarming Pin Tag (CIS NT522B)

The NEW Pin Tag is small and compact but will alarm at 98dB if the pin is tampered with and will set off the EAS pedestals.  The 3-alarm tag will also self-alarm out the door as it passes through the EAS pedestals.  Blinking LED light is a visual deterrent to shoplifters.  Available in in AM or RF.

  • NT522B/2A
  • NT522B/3AM
  • NT522B/3AF

Alarming – New Pin Tag T522


Availability: Please Call for Pricing 772-287-7999
Prod. Code: NT522 – Alarming – New Pin Tag


The NT522 is called the NEW Pin Tag.  This tag comes in AM or RF, 2 alarm or 3 alarm


Call for Pricing 772-287-7999

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