The Gen6 SR alarming tether system allows you to protect your merchandise, with a smart release lock and alarm that communicate for an added level of security that eases the deactivation process. Like the Gen5, the Gen6 SR has a replaceable tether base, alarm top, and battery.

Easy one-step release with our exclusive All-In-One decoder, deactivating the alarm and releasing the lock so you can open it quickly, saving labor and time. The exclusive 49-strand cable is flexible enough to double over and slide through the small non removeable hardware on your merchandise, and the lock clamps onto the cable to secure it.


Alarms if:
  • Gen 6 is pulled off fixture
  • 49-strand cable is cut
  • Unauthorized magnet is used
  • Attempt to tamper with lock.
  • Top is removed without IR release
  • Reactivates alarm automatically when plugged back in.
  • Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed.
  • Visual deterrent. LED lights blink every 15-20 seconds.
  • 2-Alarm Smart Padlock for added alarm functions and security
  • 120 lb. pull strength. Will not easily separate from the reel.


  • Replaceable Alarm Component
  • Replaceable tether component
  • Easily Replaceable Batteries (only 1 screw)
  • Perfect placement of decoder for easy release.
  • 98 dBl alarm
  • 3 – 5-year standby battery life
  • 49 strand coated stainless steel cable
  • Includes T-Stop to lock tether position, preventing smaller merchandise from being pulled off balance in displays.
  • Smooth and Quiet retraction
  • Optional Smart Padlock Tag for deactivating alarm from the Padlock Tag.
  • Cannot be “jumped”

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