4 Direction Bill Reader

Counterfeit Bill Detection




  • 4 direction bill verification
  • Detects USD bills
  • 99.9% Accurate and Reliable
  • Verification speed 1 note < 1 sec
  • Pass or Fail Indicator Light
  • Audible & Visual bill failure notification



  • 2 Modes, front and rear ejection
  • Update from SD Chip
  • Portable (AC/DC)
  • Easy to use
  • Clamshell Design easy clean & jam removal


The CIS 143 reads any bill, no matter the orientation! The CIS 143 approves the bill using Ultra Violet, Magnetic, Infrared, and Water Mark detection. Saving time and money, the CIS 143 is fast enough to check any bill in less than one second. After a bill is validated, a GREEN LED will light if the bill passes inspection or a RED LED will light if bill is suspect.
The CIS 143 is so accurate that it detects washed bills and “Super Bills”. The counterfeit known as the “Super Bill”is produced on high-end printing presses by professional counterfeiters.

The CIS 143 is fast, economical, and easy to use. The Clamshell design make it easy to clean and easy to clear jammed bills.

It will keep counterfeit bills out of your tills and away from your bottom line.


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