Gen 6 HD

Heavy Duty Alarming Recoiling Tether

The Gen6 alarming tether allows you to protect your merchandise with 49 strand heavy duty steal cable. Like its predecessors, the Gen325 and Gen5, The Gen6 has replaceable components, the retractable tether, the alarm top, the tether battery, replace them all with ease. No need to remove the tether from the merchandise or the fixture, costing valuable labor. Reuse the functioning parts of the system replacing only the damaged parts saving you on product cost and saving space in landfills. This HD 49 strand steel cable has 120 lb. pull strength. Alarming function is easily activated with no tool necessary and cannot be manipulated without the Decoder. Turn unit off with handheld All-in-One Decoder or easy switch.

The Gen6 has a larger battery; 3-5 year standby time. Pinch to length T-Stop to secure tether “lead” position, preventing smaller merchandise from being pulled off balance and allowing proper merchandising of displays The Heavy Duty Magnetic lock can release easily with a 5K gsm magnet. The All-in-One Decoder is needed to silence the alarm or for battery replacement.


  • Heavy Duty 5K gsm Lock
    – Easy on, Easy off
  • One Step Release
  • 98 Db Alarm
  • Over 120lbs pull strength
  • Exclusive IR Magnetic Key
    – Used to silence alarm or replace parts
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Replaceable Alarm Section
  • Replaceable Tether Base
  • Upgradable/Backward compatible
  • Earth Friendly
  • Multi function cable design
    – Lengths up to 52”
  • Perfect Placement of Decoder
    – Easily deactivate alarm
  • Strong Visual Deterrent
    – Blinking LED Light on tether and tag
  • 49 strand coated steel cable

Gen 6 HD

Gen 6 HD

This is truly the next step in the evolution of the Smart Tag. Contact us for more information. 772-287-7999

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