New CIS Convertible

4 alarming padlock tag

Brand new Easy on – Easy Off Design with the Perfect Placement Top! Protect your ROI, bottom line, and assets. The new CIS Convertible alarming padlock tag has multiple looks & uses.
Loop it & Pin It The CIS Convertible alarms at 98 dB to alert associates if the tag has been compromised, deterring potential theft. The CIS Convertible will work with your current RF or AM pedestals. Merchandise will not go quietly into the night because of theif’s magnetic key. The CIS Convertible’s alarm will be activated by an unathorized key. The alarm will only be disabled by using our exclusive IR Magnetic Key. Replaceable batteries, loops and pins give the CIS Convertible an unlimited lifespan. Don’t throw away old tags due to use & increase your ROI!


  • LED light blinks when armed
  • AM or RF
  • Pin It!
  • Loop It!” w/ alarming cable
  • Magnetic Lock & IR signature
    – Can only be deactivated with CIS’ exclusive:
    – All-in-One Decoder
    – Universal Countertop Decoder
  • Unlimited Life Span
    – Battery is replaceable
    – Cable is replaceable
    – Pin is replaceable

CIS Convertible

CIS Convertible

This is truly the next step in the evolution of the Smart Tag. Contact us for more information. 772-287-7999

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